Viral Venture au ZKM!

Viral Venture sera projeté a l’occasion de l’Open Conference au ZKM, à partir du 18 mai 2019

At The Open Conference | Kunst und Künstliche Intelligenz this weekend, there are lectures and art performances, also a lecture program and a workshop on the program.

Chatbot workshop ” may i marry you?”
Language Assistants find their way into our everyday life, be it in your own living room, in the car or on the phone in the hotline. Daniel Heiss shows which technique hides behind it and demonstrates the limits of modern chatbots.

Filmscreening »Viral Venture«
In the video “viral venture” the human body is not threatened by a biological, but by an artificial virus. The project of Joseph Nechvatal is based on a virus that attacks confused digital images of details of the human body.

To the video: